Novogene Bolsters Global Presence with Expanded PacBio Revio Fleet, Advancing Long-Read Sequencing Applications

SINGAPORE, Jan. 10, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Novogene further expands its long-read sequencing capacity with the acquisition of six additional PacBio Revio sequencers, augmenting its fleet of multi-platforms sequencing technology. This strategic investment underline Novogene’s commitment to enhancing its long read sequencing capacity and global presence.

Novogene aims to strengthen its service offerings in long-read sequencing applications with PacBio latest Revio sequencer. As an early adopter of PacBio Revio, Novogene is at the forefront of long-read sequencing. The Revio sequencer provides a 15-fold increase in data output, expediting scientific research and discoveries. The company’s significant investment aims to bring broader application of this technology in key areas such as rare diseases, drug development, cancer research, neurological disorders and population health.

“We stand as a global leader among sequencing service providers, distinguished by our diverse range of platforms, extensive production capacity, and deep R&D expertise. Our commitment is to be a cornerstone in the life sciences industry, offering solutions that are not only accurate and rapidly delivered but also of superior quality and cost-effective,” said Li Yixue, GM of Novogene Global Product Center.

“We are thrilled to further collaborate with Novogene, a critical partner for PacBio since 2017. Throughout the years, Novogene has promoted our technologies and applications and will continue to do so in the future. We look forward to our continued collaboration going forward,” said Jeff Eidel, Chief Commercial Officer at PacBio.

In the last six months, Novogene has significantly advanced its PacBio Revio system, extending services to over 300 species, including mammals, marine life, and plants, utilizing over 1000 SMRT Cells. Novogene’s commitment to third-generation genomics research, bolstered by high-quality PacBio HiFi data, has enabled significant advancements from chromosome-level to T2T assembly, enhancing genomic research capabilities. To date, Novogene has constructed genome maps for over 1000 species and contributed to 137 co-authored publications in international journals, amassing an impressive cumulative impact factor of over 1,400.

Looking ahead to 2024, Novogene is set to continue leveraging a variety of advanced technology platforms to cater to the varied needs of its customers. By providing cost-effective, high-quality, and dependable products and services, Novogene aims to solidify its position as a trusted research partner worldwide.

Media Contact: Man Chun Leong, Tel: +65 6513 4308, Email: manchun.leong@novogeneait.sg

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