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OMODA & JAECOO Commits to Green Mobility in the Middle East with Innovative ESG Initiatives for a Sustainable Future

  • OMODA & JAECOO showcased its commitment to ESG and sustainable development at its latest business conference.
  • Over 2,000 industry pioneers, partners, and user representatives from 80 countries witnessed the brand’s ecological advancements beyond cars.
  • OMODA & JAECOO organized the Shenshan Music Festival, which was attended by domestic and international guests, as well as music enthusiasts, in Wuhu.
  • The automotive brand complements the focus of the Middle East region and the world to embrace ESG practices in the automotive sector.
  • OMODA & JAECOO highlighted technological innovations and platforms such as ‘O-UNIVERSE’ and ‘GREEN OJ’ to build a comprehensive and sustainable ecosystem.

DUBAI, UAE, May 30, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — With the Middle East region focusing on achieving Net Zero emissions and promoting sustainable mobility, OMODA & JAECOO, the innovative automotive brand dedicated to pioneering the future of travel, is supporting the vision through innovative Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) initiatives that will help secure an outstanding, comprehensive, and sustainable mobility ecosystem.

The new ESG capabilities of OMODA & JAECOO were displayed at its Ecological Conference, in Wuhu, China. Themed ‘New Energy, New Eco, New Era’, the conference presented OMODA & JAECOO’s innovative breakthroughs in the ESG field, including ‘O-UNIVERSE’ and ‘GREEN OJ’.

The “O-UNIVERSE” ecosystem emphasises OMODA & JAECOO’s commitment to delivering not just clean mobility vehicles but future lifestyles that meet the aspirations of youth through OMODA, for a lifestyle centered around smart technology, trendy homestays, and memorable and sporty travel experiences.

Having integrated ESG practices as part of its organisational and operational framework, OMODA & JAECOO has already implemented environmental protection activities as well as expanded its corporate social responsibility commitment with initiatives supporting education, elderly care, and animal rescue, among others.

A highlight is the launch of the Water and Marine Protection Initiative demonstrating the collective efforts of OMODA & JAECOO’s global partners in environmental protection and elevating their social responsibility and environmental protection concept to a new level.

Among its tangible contributions, OMODA & JAECOO launched the International Charity Fund, with $10 donated to the fund for every car sold, to undertake more corporate social responsibilities. Further, OMODA & JAECOO has announced cooperation with the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) and the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

Furthermore, the brand’s commitment to cultural exchange and eco-friendly lifestyles was recently showcased at the Shenshan Music Festival in Wuhu. The event featured a diverse lineup of performances, including the enchanting Chinese classical dance “Jasmine Flower” and the vibrant Spanish singer Vicco, reflecting OMODA & JAECOO’s dedication to fostering multicultural interactions and sustainable entertainment.

Shawn Xu, CEO of OMODA & JAECOO Automobile International, said: “Going beyond sustainability, we are committed to creating a positive impact across the communities we serve in the Middle East and globally. A strong ESG framework is today a strategic imperative for organisations to accelerate high quality economic and social development, as well as to make meaningful contributions to the environment and wider society.”

Underlining its commitment to fostering a greener planet, OMODA & JAECOO launched the ‘GREEN OJ’ public welfare platform at the annual Beijing International Automotive Exhibition 2024 last month, which aims to implement several green public welfare activities, including wetland protection, vegetation protection, biodiversity, and marine governance.

Over 2,000 industry pioneers, partners, and user representatives from 80 countries, along with domestic and international guests and music enthusiasts, were present at OMODA & JAECOO’s Business Conference, held at its headquarters in Wuhu, China,  to witness the brand’s ecological advancement beyond cars. Following the reveals, the guests were able to experience art and culture by participating in the Shenshan Music Festival, also organised by the brand.

Drawing on advanced technology to support its environmental sustainability commitment, OMODA & JAECOO is also enhancing its intelligent technological innovations and automotive research and development. With ‘O-UNIVERSE’, the brand is connecting virtuality with reality, meeting every need that users may have from the vehicles they desire.

In its pursuit to achieve high quality sustainable development, OMODA & JAECOO will continue to embody the concept of ‘In Somewhere, For Somewhere’, ensuring continuity in releasing new products, new technologies and new ecosystems.

About OMODA Through profound insights and contemplation of the trends toward youthfulness, individuality, and globalization, OMODA is dedicated to embracing global consumers with a youthful mindset and creating a forward-looking brand for the spirited new generation with an attitude. OMODA keenly perceives the lives of the contemporary global young generation and, embodying a “CROSS” boundary-breaking identity, engages in full dialogue with the emerging generation. By breaking the order of the real world, OMODA brings cutting-edge design and futuristic technology to young users, offering them stylish vehicles that are ahead of their time. In the name “OMODA,” the “O” stands for surprise and vitality, and it is also a symbol of the essential element of life, Oxygen. “MODA” is derived from “Modern,” conveying a sense of avant-garde fashion and representing a new global generation of sustainable lifestyles, an embodiment of eco-friendly green practices and forward-looking technology. Adhering to a global brand mindset, OMODA has innovatively created the “O-universe” ecosystem concept, a unique communication method between the brand and users, and an exclusive social symbol for OMODA. The goal is to establish warmer connections with global users, embrace a more diverse culture, and co-create a desirable LOHAS lifestyle with users.

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