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LOST MARY and ELFBAR present new vape products in Middle East

  • Both global vape brands deepen commitment to the Middle East
  • Diversified vape product categories tap into growing demand from the region’s adult users

MANAMA, Bahrain, Jan. 22, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Leading global vape brands LOST MARY and ELFBAR officially bring MO10000 and ELFLIQ e-liquid respectively, to the Middle East, highlighting the brands’ commitment to expanding and thriving in the region.

The two new products, showcased along with ELFBAR’s BC10000 at the Middle East Vape Show 2024 (MEVS 2024), also mark the adult users’ diversified tastes for different product categories in the Middle East.

ELFBAR’s regional engagement stepped up in November 2023 when its BC10000 was unveiled in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. The ultra-big puff vape elevates the mouthfeel to an unprecedented level.

LOST MARY MO10000: unparalleled experience by new atomizing solution

LOST MARY MO10000, bolstered by a new atomizing solution, delivers an ultra-big number of puffs, and offers a wide range of well-tuned flavors. This is part of the concerted effort behind delivering a truly satisfying vaping experience to Middle Eastern adult users.


Powered by Mesh Coil, MO10000 ensures unparalleled stability and reliability in flavor reproduction, delivering consistent and long-lasting pleasure from the first puff till the very last. Additionally, Mesh Coil enables the product to achieve finer atomized particles, generating thicker and smoother vapor in an immersive vaping journey.

Viewed from various angles, MO10000 features a glossy and shimmering ripple design, combined with nanoscale optical coatings, adding a sense of uniqueness to its overall style.

Along with the exquisite design, MO10000 is also equipped with a real-time power and e-liquid display, providing users with instant updates, and allowing them to plan ahead for unforeseen circumstances via a quick glance.

ELFLIQ: ELFBAR’s flavor genes passed onto e-liquid

ELFBAR’s e-liquid brand ELFLIQ stands out as a strategic step in expanding its product category.


The e-liquid, widely acclaimed in various global markets, inherits and reproduces authentic flavors from classic ELFBAR lines, providing open-system vape users with an experience as seamless as single-use products.

In joint hands with world-class vape liquid makers, ELFLIQ engraves reliability and quality in its genes with an array of 12 delightful flavors. This product signifies ELFLIQ’s commitment to presenting original flavors, and constantly catering to users’ taste buds.

ELFBAR BC10000: a stepped-up mouthfeel

ELFBAR BC10000 truly upgrades the mouthfeel by multiple levels from various perspectives, with plenty of flavors available to refresh and revitalize adult users’ mouthfeel.


To satisfy diverse flavor preferences, the product offers well-tuned sweetness levels by adjusting its hints in dynamic but perfect proportions. This leaves lingering aftertastes by presenting a multilayered flavor fulfillment in just one puff.

Equipped with QUAQ MESH, BC10000 ushers in stability and reliability, ensuring a consistency in the pleasure of each hit and satisfying a plethora of users’ demands. These goals are at the center of ELFBAR’s mission — the best possible vaping experience.


ELFBAR is a pioneer and innovator in the global vaping industry, with an unwavering dedication to exploring new inspiration and unlocking more possibilities in life by providing a distinct and diverse vaping experience. ELFBAR stays committed to compliance, youth protection and sustainable growth in its unwavering responsibility as one of the leading global brands chosen and favored by tens of millions of adult users worldwide.


Global vaping innovator LOST MARY is dedicated to discovering the true value of vaping, setting the industry’s trend, and benchmarking in product quality.

For years, LOST MARY has progressed in breaking free from traditional product forms, navigating into unchartered innovation territories, and bringing the best possible user experience with new designs, technologies and flavors.

Since its inception in 2021, LOST MARY has expanded its presence to over 50 markets worldwide, where over 100 million adult users preferred its products.

As of now, the brand owns over 200 patents in multiple markets globally.

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