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DNA Health & Wellness, the MENA Regions’ Largest Health Optimisation and Longevity Clinic Group, is Set to Expand into Abu Dhabi

With five pioneering & established clinics in Dubai, the new state-of-the-art clinic will open in Abu Dhabi in the third quarter of 2024

DUBAI, UAE, June 19, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — DNA Health & Wellness, the MENA region’s first and largest health optimisation and longevity clinic group, is set to open its new clinic in Abu Dhabi in the third quarter of 2024. The new state-of-the-art facility will span over 10,000 sq. ft and offer a comprehensive range of health optimisation and longevity treatments, incorporating the latest in preventative health and precision medicine tailored to meet the unique and personalised needs of each client.

DNA Health & Wellness Abu Dhabi Clinic

“We are excited to bring our innovative approach to health and wellness to Abu Dhabi. Our success in Dubai has demonstrated that there is a strong demand for personalised and preventative healthcare; our expansion reflects our commitment and mission to making advanced health solutions more accessible to a wider community.” Dr Nasr Al Jafari, Co-Founder & Chief Medical Officer of DNA Health & Wellness Group.

Located in Central Abu Dhabi, the expansion marks a significant milestone in DNA Health & Wellness’ mission to provide cutting-edge health services across the UAE. Offering the same comprehensive array of treatments as its Dubai clinics, DNA Health & Wellness Abu Dhabi will incorporate innovative technology and focus on four key disciplines:

Prevention – proactive approach to health designed to detect and prevent health issues and diseases before they arise with the use of detailed blood testing, advanced diagnostic imaging and AI based reporting software.

Optimisation – precision medicine to target and optimise health using the latest therapies such as peptides, hormonal therapy, exosomes, NAD+, stem cells, and disease reversal programs.

Rejuvenation – advanced aesthetic treatments using regenerative medicine such as pure exosomes and stem cells.

Longevity – in-depth longevity health screening and biological aging analysis combined with stem cells and DNA repair to help enhance health span and lifespan.

“Our growth has been supported by the strong interest in preventative health. In a world where 6 out of 10 causes of deaths are preventable, we recognize that environmental, socioeconomic, and lifestyle factors play a critical role in health outcomes. Traditional medicine, with its reactive stance, often falls short. We fill this gap. We focus on the early detection and management of chronic diseases. By preventing and catching these conditions at their earliest stages we provide effective healthcare plans to treat illnesses before they can ever cause harm.” Sho Choudhury, Co-Founder, Chairman & CEO of DNA Health & Wellness Group

DNA Health & Wellness Abu Dhabi will proudly be offering their unique and personalised Longevity Health Screening and Stem Cell Therapy Program. Representing a pinnacle of personalised, preventative healthcare the Longevity Health Screening package uses proprietary technology and the most advanced Siemens machines for diagnostic imaging. Conducted exclusively by Dr Nas Aljafari, the Longevity Health Screening includes detailed consultations and regular blood tests over a 6-month period. The comprehensive screening program empowers individuals to take control of their health, as well optimise and prevent and future illness and diseases.

Stem Cell Therapy Program aims to harness the body’s own healing potential using autologous (from a patient’s own body) stem cells prevent the signs of premature ageing and reverse the symptoms of disease. The regenerative treatment focuses on a personalised and minimally invasive approach to improve overall health and enhance the body’s natural ability to heal.

Since its inception in 2018, the homegrown brand has increased by over 500% in size and established itself as a pioneer in health optimisation and longevity science in the region, operating five successful clinics across Dubai, including four physical locations and one extensive home service clinic.

Steeped in the philosophy and principles of personalised and preventative healthcare, DNA Health & Wellness is dedicated to offering complete health solutions that address the root cause of illness, rather than merely treating symptoms. This approach, along with impeccable customer care, has garnered a loyal client base and significant acclaim within the regional healthcare community.

DNA Health & Wellness Group

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